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Desiccant Tablets/Dryolite - Van Air brand (50 pound bags)

Manufacturer: Dryolite

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Dry -O-Lite® is the registered trade name of the chemical drying agent specifically formulated for Van Air Freedom Series dryers. Dry-O-Lite is a hard tablet of hygroscopic materials that attract and hold moisture. The surface of the tablet slowly dissolves and forms a solution which drops from the surface (deliquesces). The material continues to form this solution until the desiccant is entirely consumed. Materials in the compound are not toxic or potentially toxic and are completely soluble. When used in a properly sized Freedom Series dryer, Dry-O-Lite will remove sufficient moisture vapor. "Speedy dry"

Dry-O-Lite® 3/4" Dia x 5/8" Height

Part No. Color & Form Bulk Density Crush Strength Package Size

33-0311 White tablet 72 +/- 3 lbs/ft3 60-100 lbs 50 lb bag (22.7 kg)

Dew point performance

Inlet Temperature (saturated)    Outlet Dew Point    Dew Point Depression

100°F                                           80°F                                     20°F

90°F                                             70°F                                     20°F

80°F                                             60°F                                     20°F

70°F                                             51°F                                     19°F

60°F                                             42°F                                     18°F

50°F                                             32°F                                     18°F


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